Thursday, April 19, 2007

Project Harvest Diary: 16th - 19th April


We stopped off in Santa Cruz and did some recording at the beach and got some freight trains that rumble through the town. Cracked on to San Francisco and stayed in a hostel in Chinatown so we ended up eating Chinese food every day.

Spent Monday recording in the downtown part of San Francisco and in Chinatown recording all sorts of city sounds and getting hassled by people trying to extort money from tourists. One particularly stood out as he was like Michael Caine in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", pretending to be some kind of Australian aristocrat who's wallet had been stolen by an African whilst slumming it downtown getting brunch (a nice touch I thought). As a result he needed $20 for a taxi back to his hotel. Why he couldn't just get the bus for $1.25 I don't know. Recorded in Chinatown as well so now we don't need to go to China because we have Chinese conversations and even a traditional Chinese band / Dragon dance.

Tuesday we had organised a recording session at a wind-swept Pier 39 in the morning and we had access to an arcade (bleeps and money clinking, we also won 2 postcards and a plastic spider ring), the marina (wind whistling through masts, rope and wood creaks) and a restaurant and kitchen (Mexicans cooking, fridge sounds, conversations over lunch). After that did some recording along the waterfront, managing to get a fishing boat engine from 1906 and crab sellers amongst other thing.

Got up at the crack of dawn the next day to record San Francisco's street cars and electric buses. Craig's immediate reaction to being woken up was to shout a torrent of abuse that would make a whore blush but after calming down we got some good stuff and went on to record in a bowling alley with mixed results because of the racket made by the pensioners bowling league that was going on at the same time. Stopped off to record some traffic at the Golden Gate Bridge and at Golden Gate Park on the way back and we are heading off to Reno after we have copied off all our sounds and sent them back to the Iceman at Wave HQ.


Blogger UnFraGile said...

Does anyone of you might know a release date for this library, and when to listen some samples?! I'm asking this because i work all day long at Audio post-production facility, making sound design from this old libs and i'm tired from this sounds all american and sh**, i need european libs, i was looking for a FRESH one like the one "you" are making!!! I've read the reaview from Audiomedia and i was quite curious to ear and buy this lib when its out! :)

Keep the good work.



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